Antonio Soto

Drums & Percussion

Antonio started to play all kind of percussions since a very young age. He started banging everywhere, on all kind of surfaces and listening to the sounds he created, making his own “home made” instruments with everything he could put his hands on but it wasn’t until the age of 15 that he finally got his first drum kit. A new world opened for him! When Antonio was 17 he formed his first band, it was a teenager’s-garage band, playing covers of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, and many more just for fun…it was the first of many bands that Antonio played with in Mexico.


In 2004 he moved to the U.K and started playing around North London at open mic nights and blues jams, but it was not until 2007 that he joined his first British band called “The Feuds” and started to be more serious about playing music. The band was already working on their first album when he joined but the band sadly fell apart just a year and a half after he joined, however Antonio continued playing around in open mics and jams becoming in time a regular at the Blues Jams and part of the music scene of North London, having the opportunity to play with great and talented musicians from all over the world, helping him to polish his skills as a drummer.

Until now, Antonio continues learning, creating and joining new and exciting music projects as a drummer and percussionist. He has been in tours with different bands. He has plenty of international stage experience as a drummer and percussionist in concerts, festivals and private gigs. Played in many fantastic and legendary music venues in London, the U.K and abroad with many bands like "The Feuds", "Peligroso", "Jimmy C and The Blues Dragons", "The Archway Tavern's House Band", "World Soul Fusion", "Oh!GunQuit" and more and recently started to play regular gigs with the artist, singer and song writer "Alice Phelps" and artist, singer and song writer and ambassador for peace "Tally Koren" as well as band "Caiyo". He has composed, played and recorded all the drum parts of the new album of the signed band "OhGunQuit" between some other things and he keeps enjoying his love for music, rhythms and beats.