Antonio Soto

"Healing Music for the Evolution of the Soul" CD - New Age, Healing Music for Meditation, Relaxation and simple enjoyment with the unique sounds of the Halo

My very first CD. out NOW!!!!!

The CD is completely "homemade" and a lot of time, effort and love went into it....I have done everything from recording, producing to creating the artwork myself and am very excited to have the final prodcut in my is called "Healing Music for the Evolution of the Soul" and I hope that people will love it as much as I loved creating it :).

About the Halo:

The Halo is healing music for the evolution of the soul. The instrument has been produced by Pantheon Steel and is the newest addition to a twenty-first century family of instruments and sound sculpture descended from the steel pan (check out Pantheon Steel's website for more information). It is a resonant steel instrument played by hand in the lap and it is designed to engage the body and mind of the player and the listeneres in a new way. Rich in timbre and very expressive.

The Halo is made for free improvisation and meditative exploration. There as many styles of Halo play as there are players. My Halo is a Golden Gate prototype tuned in the scale of C, (C) E G B C D F# G B, A wistful major, filled with golden light and the yearning of two major seventh chords. The low E on the tone circle acts as a second tonal center, allowing modulation from E minor to C major. The name was inspired by the heartbreaking site of fog spilling down a pastel hill like an ocean wave in San Francisco, bright white on top, but moody and mysterious underneath.

Peace, Love, Light & Music


"20min Inner Smile Meditation" - 20min guided Meditation with Mahala Wall and Music by Antonio Soto

Celebrating the launch of our inner smile meditation CD! Now available to buy for just £10 ~ email over and we will send out a copy to you ~ 20 mins of bliss to send you to sleep every night or to wake you up each morning ~ create your own inner smile :)