Antonio Soto

Alrick Guyler - Spinning Yarn

"Antonio's Hang playing provides a beautiful blanket of sound that complements and interacts with a variety of accessible musical instruments, voice, movements of the Spinning Yarn Group." Alrick, Music Facilitator Spinning Yarn

Rachel Elliott - Drum student

“I love every lesson! By the end of each one I've been able to play something that I couldn't play at the beginning, which is so satisfying and builds my confidence. That's surely the sign of a great teacher! I highly recommend Antonio as a teacher - patient, good-humoured and very encouraging. And he doesn't laugh at mistakes!” Rachel Elliott

Christine Suzuki - Yoga teacher

"I kept wanting to thank you for making the CD as I sometimes play the music for Savasna in the same class as it really is magic what you do and also with great energy"; Christine, Yoga Teacher

Yoga Clapham

Guided Inner Smile Meditation Cd

This is a 20 minute guided meditation, I talk you through a very powerful meditation, the “Daoist Inner smile meditation” this will re establish your connection into your heart to create a warm beautiful inner smile that will leave you glowing from the inside out.

I am accompanied by Antonio Soto, a vary talented musician from Mexico, he plays the Halo, once again this is a very powerful instrument that was channelled through a meditation and has been made for these times ~

I am receiving such great feedback from people who have brought this CD, I advise people to listen to this each night before sleep (if you fall asleep that is fine as the words and music will be going directly into your subconsciousness) over a 28 day period. This is the time it takes to establish a new “habit” or to break old “habits” also this sound and my voice will help to re establish new neuro path ways in the brain to feel more peaceful and joyful, this is also very powerful to send out into any areas of your life that you feel could do with some clearing right now ~

This again will re establish that flow of energy and just by listening to the sounds of the Halo you are taken into an amazing space on every level ~

Tanja Mickwitz - Yoga teacher

"I often play Antonio's music in class, but working with him playing live was a fantastic experience taking it to a whole other level. Antonio intuitively tunes in to the atmosphere in the room and the energy of the practice, making the combination of the yoga with the healing halo-sounds a complete and connected experience." Tanja Mickwitz