Antonio Soto

The Halo - a magical instrument

The Halo is healing music for the evolution of the soul. The instrument has been produced by Pantheon Steel and is the newest addition to a twenty-first century family of instruments and sound sculpture descended from the steel pan (check out Pantheon Steel's website for more information). It is a resonant steel instrument played by hand in the lap and it is designed to engage the body and mind of the player and the listeneres in a new way. Rich in timbre and very expressive.

The Halo is made for free improvisation and meditative exploration. There as many styles of Halo play as there are players. Antonio's Halo is a Golden Gate prototype tuned in the scale of C, (C) E G B C D F# G B, A wistful major, filled with golden light and the yearning of two major seventh chords. The low E on the tone circle acts as a second tonal center, allowing modulation from E minor to C major. The name was inspired by the heartbreaking site of fog spilling down a pastel hill like an ocean wave in San Francisco, bright white on top, but moody and mysterious underneath.

Most recently He have had the pleasure of working with many talented Yoga teachers (to name just a few: Bridget Woods-Kramer, Aram Raffy and Mahala Wall) whilst accompanying their workshops with the sounds of the Halo. The reception has been great and the journey has only just started! Antonio is looking forward to continue to work with these great Yogis and hope to meet many more on hi journey...

If you wish to come and check it out, the workshops will be posted on this website but you can also check out Indaba Yoga, TriYoga and The Power Yoga Co...

In 2012 Antonio joined the charity Access All Areas and started to be part of the “Spinning Yarn” workshop, a multi-sensory project that works with adults with severe and profound learning disabilities. Exploring the power of sound and music, Antonio plays the Halo and a big variety of music instruments specially selected for this type of music therapy. This has been a life changing experience for Antonio who continues volunteering with this project and at the same time his knowledge in sound keeps growing.

This is a short promo video:

In 2013 Antonio produced his first album called “Healing Music For The Evolution Of The Soul”, an album that Antonio created entirely at home by himself especially to ease and enrich the experience of meditation in the sound.

Check out Antonio's artist page on CD Baby.